In Sympathy for


Abdul Khaliq’s 70-yr-old mother

Khairullah, 25

injured in early November 2001

in the heavy U.S. bombing of Kandahar. Abdul Khaliq’s 70-yr-old mother was burned on her face and body when a U.S. “precision” bomb hit their housing complex. He said, “there must have been 1,000 people there. People were all over the verandah. Many women and children were wounded.” In the next ward in the refugee hospital in Quetta, lay Khairullah, 25, whose left shin was badly damaged from a U.S. bomb that exploded in a market place in Kandahar. On October 18th, the central market place, Kepten, in Kandahar, was bombed and 20 civilians were killed.

U.S. “precision” strikes upon a verandah and a market place in Kandahar