In memory of


Abdul Karim’s wife
Abdul Karim’s 2 daughters
Abdul Karim’s 2 sons
Eight other civilians killed
and 15 wounded

at ~2 A.M. on October 17/18, 2006

in the small farming village of Ashogho, 20 kms west of Kandahar city in the Zhari district. NATO attack helicopters struck three dried mud homes in the middle of the night, killing 4 women, men and children according to residents (not surprisingly the puppet governor of Kandahar, Asadullah Khalid and Karzai in Kabul, announced lower casualty figures, though could not deny civilians had been killed). Kathy Gannon reported that the NATO airstrikes “ripped through three dried mud homes in southern Afghanistan as villagers slept…at least 9 civilians were killed, including women and children.” She continued, “a narrow lane through the village was littered with rubble from the airstrikes: giant pieces of dried mud, packed with straw. A hole was blasted through one house. Another had only one wall standing and looked ready to topple over.” Abdul Karim, 60, father, was injured along with his son Sakhi Jan, 18 (photo) and his wife, 2 daughters and 2 other sons were killed in the NATYO “precision” strike. One son, 16, who was wounded by the rockets was finished off by three foreign soldiers. The father, Karim, had tried to hide his son under a blanket, but when the intruding soldiers found him, they shot him. Another son, Sakhi, 18, had been wounded as he ran for cover in a dried stream when the family home was attacked. Sakhi awoke in Mir Wais Hospital with numerous wounds. Karim, speaking from the hospital said, “...we want justice.” Ghulab Shah, a middle-aged man, shouted “if this is all they are going to do for us, is kill us, they should get out.” He lost nine of his neighbors when a U.S/NATO “precision” bomb obliterated their home. Other shell-shocked villagers in Ashogho condemned the raid. News about the raid could not be concealed as is usual with U.S./NATO occupation because of the proximity of Ashogho to Kandahar city.

The NATO attack took place only one kilometer away from the scene of the much-ballyhooed Operation Medusa which was alleged to have cleared the area of Taliban. Bibi Farida, 6, recalled the midnight attack, her voice barely a whisper, “I cried, I just cried.”  As usual, the NATO occupation forces brushed off the carnage with the platitude saying it “deeply regrets causing any civilian casualties.” The photo shows the rubble of a home in Ashogho (AP photo/Allauddin Khan).

Killed by NATO Apache attack helicopters performing close air support