In memory of


Abdul Bari’s and Sadiqa’s 15 family members

died around 1 AM on July 1/2, 2002

in the village of Kakarak in Uruzgan Province. Sadiqa, 15, was in the women’s house when the ferocious U.S attack began. When the barrage struck, she and the others ran out into the courtyard, fleeing into the surrounding orchards. Sadiqa was hit by the AC-130 as she ran, shrapnel tearing into both her legs. She lay in Mir Wais Hospital still wearing the salmon-colored dress she had put on for the wedding party. Abdul Bari, 30, related to Sadiqa, a farmer in Kakarak, lost his wife and brother (and 13 other family members). He brought his severely injured 6 year-old nephew to Mir Wais Hospital.

An attack by an AC-130 attack gunship firing its canon and rockets