In memory of


Abdul Baqi’s 2 brothers

died on October 10, 2001

in a neighborhood of Kandahar. U.S war planes bombed an arms depot and the explosion destroyed the Baqi home, killing the two brothers of Abdul Baqi, 12, son of a farming family. Abdul Baqi fled to the Killi Faizo refugee camp in Chaman. “We haven’t had war like this before,” said the bare-foot 12-year-old, one of around 2,600 Afghans living in Killi Faizo, a temporary camp set up by the United Nation’s High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Pakistan. But the children are dismissive of the aid from international organizations and the United Nations. Like many of their parents, who have left everything behind in Afghanistan, the children demonize the United States. “They say they are attacking Taliban targets. But they bomb them once and us (civilians) 10 times,” said Abdul Samad, 15.

A U.S “precision” air strike