In memory of and sympathy for


 Abdul Baqi, 50, brother of Abdul Khaliq

Khaliq’s wife and young daughter injured

Mohammed Yousaf, 9, his son injured

Naimautllah, 35, nephew injured


killed and injured on Wednesday, July 5, 2006

when U.S. occupation forces fired on a car driven by Abdul Baqi, killing him instantly and injuring a lawmaker’s wife, young daughter and son. The car was carrying Mrs. Khaliq to the hospital in Tarin Kot from Chora. Abdul Baqi is the brother of Abdul Khalid Mujahid, elected member of the Afghan lower house from Uruzgan (in photo above Abdul Khaliq with his injured son in Mir Wais Hospital, Kandahar). Khaliq’s nephew, Naimatullah Khan, 35, was also in the vehicle and sustained minor injuries. In his words, “…before we reached the U.S. convoy, they started firing on our vehicle…” He said from his hospital bed in Kandahar that U.S. and Australian troops kept on firing after the initial shooting, adding “we got out of the car and hid behind it…for an hour they fired at us.” After some time, the occupation soldiers came over to the scene, Mr. Khaliq said, but even when they saw the woman and children lying in the ditch next to the car, they did nothing to assist them. Naimatullah said he was wounded by shrapnel in the shooting. The “precision fire” killed a civilian man and injured 4 other family members.

“Precision fire” from U.S. and Australian occupation ground forces