In memory of


A 6-month-old girl

killed in the night of October 10/11, 2001



in a neighborhood near Kabul’s airport. The airport was struck by U.S. “precision” weapons (missiles and bombs) for four nights, killing many civilians and injuring many more. Such a U.S. bomb landed near to the home of this 6-month old baby girl, killing her and severely injuring her sister. A neighbor, Faiz Mohammad, said as he gestured to a crater as deep as a well and cracks in nearby homes, “The sound of the bomb was very massive and resonant. We thought doomsday had come.” The parents of the dead baby girl left as dawn arose, fearing more U.S. bombs. Another neighbor, a school teacher asked, “She was just six months old and was innocent like all civilians in Afghanistan. Why they are bombing us?” Amir Khan Muttaqi, the Taliban’s education minister commented, “They [Americans] should not fuel the hatred of the Afghans. The enmity of Afghans will not vanish for hundreds of years. However weak Afghans are, they will take their revenge, whether in the short-term or the long-term.”



Killed and injured by a U.S. “precision” projectile