In memory of and sympathy with


Tor Jan, a 2-yr-old boy

Maraka, his 4 yr-old sister

Ruzi Mohammed, 31, their father, and another civilian wounded


at 7:30 A.M. on July 27, 2008 

 near Kandahar city in Kandahar Province. Canadian occupation soldiers in a passing military patrol opened fire “on a vehicle being driven in a threatening manner and ignoring warnings.” The result was two more dead children and a seriously father and another civilian. Two other passengers in the rented vehicle were unharmed. The father, Ruzi Mohammed, was taken to the Chinese-built Mirwais hospital in Kandahar.


Ruzi Mohammed in Mirwais hospital 

A police officer said he saw the mother scream, “My innocent children have been killed by foreigners – for no reason.” Another visitor to Mirwais said that if he were the children’s father, he would personally strap on a suicide vest and exact revenge on Canadian troops. A shopkeeper, Din Mohammad, cautioned that foreign troops better stop “accidentally” killing civilians of they will suffer the same bitter fate as the defeated Soviets. 

Almost two months later, a frustrated Ruzi Mohammed explained that he had been forced to flee his home in the Panjwayi district. He now lives in a small rented house in Kandahar. He spoke with Canadian Press,

"Karzai said 'Sorry' on behalf of Canadians and promised me that he will send me to pilgrimage and provide me a house in Kandahar city, but I'm still waiting for that," he said. "Canadians promised me compensation but I'm not sure what the amount is." Told it could take four weeks for the cash to flow, Mohammed said he needs it now. "lf Canadians will not support me now, I am compelled to join the Taliban and to take revenge for my two innocent children," he said. "Before, I was drilling to feed my family and now I am jobless. I don't have other children. I had two children and they are no more." 

Wounded and killed by ground fire from a 25 mm cannon of a Canadian patrol