In memory of and sympathy for


8 un-named missing male miners

Khwaja Khan, injured miner

Ameer Khan, injured miner

Ibrahim, injured miner


on Monday, May 8, 2006

on the Khwaja Khizar mountain near Angoor Adda village in South Waziristan, Pakistan, on the Afghan-Pakistani border. Eleven tribesmen were excavating chromite ores on the mountain, loading them into a truck to carry back into Pakistan for sale. The group was attacked by an Apache AH-63 attack helicopter firing rockets. Three seriously injured men made it back into Pakistan and sought treatment at the hospital in Angoor Adda. The day before, Taliban led by commander Maulana Sadiq Noor had attacked a U.S. military patrol in the Birmal area (Paktika Province) just across the border. The U.S. military and its Afghan puppet regime sought to exert total news censorship and reported that a “U.S. air strike on a cave complex” had “killed 4 militants” and “destroyed a truck full of rockets.” That report was uncritically accepted and widely circulated by the mainstream corporate media.

A “precision” air strike by a U.S. AH-63 Apache attack helicopter