In memory of


8 un-named men

one woman

one child


in the early morning of July 11, 2006

in the town of Sangin, Helmand Province. Sangin, by the fertile Helmand River, is made up of mud-walled compounds, poppy fields and orchards. Residents reported that aircraft bombed the area killing ten civilians (8 men, one woman, and one child). People had come out of their homes when the air strike began and were killed. Their bodies were buried that day in the Suri Laray graveyard. Report based upon account of the Afghan Islamic Press (A.I.P.). The Canadian propaganda spokesperson and public relations officer in Kandahar, Cpt. Julie Roberge (, who had denied civilians had died in the U.S./Canadian assault in Panjwayi on May 22, 2006 (see my article on that massacre at predictably announced “…at least an estimated 30 Taliban militants were killed,” which was naturally picked up by the western mainstream corporate press (which serves mostly as loudspeaker for the occupation forces).

“Precision” attacks by U.S/U.K. war planes