In memory of and sympathy for


7 civilians (incl. women and children) killed
10-15 civilians injured
5 civilians missing

on Sunday, May 27, 2007

in the area of Gereshk town, Helmand Province. A U.S-Afghan convoy escorting 24 supply trucks was hit by two roadside bombs and small arms fire. The blast killed an Afghan driver ad wounded three occupation soldiers. A ten-hour firefight ensued in which close air support was, as usual, called-in (the U.S is relying much more on air power in Afghanistan than in Iraq). A villager, Abdul Qudus, said, “They came and bombarded houses of innocent people. Three houses were completely destroyed. Seven people – including women and children – were killed, and between 10-15 were wounded…villagers are still searching for 5 missing people.” The air attack reportedly took place some 10 miles away from the initial ambush. Predictably, the U.S. military proclaimed that only two dozen “militants” were killed in the ten hour battle, a totally unverifiable claim devoid of any detail. The ISAF occupation army maintains three company-sized forward occupation bases for the Afghan National Security Forces in the Gereshk area.
Precisely killed and injured by U.S. bombs