In memory of


7 boys killed (aged 10-16)

late on Sunday, June 17, 2007


in a village in the district of Zarghun Shah, Paktika Province. U.S. Special Operations forces employed high mobility artillery rockets (HIMARS) to bomb a madrassa/mosque complex, killing seven students (and possibly some “militants”). After the deadly rocket attack, Afghan ground forces (led by U.S. occupation troops) abducted 2 persons to a fate unknown. A little girl watches the US occupiers (photo published in Spain’s El Mundo, not the Washington Post).

“This is insulting and it makes the coalition and Nato look bad,” Khalid Farouqi, an MP for Paktika, told The Times. “They bombed a madrassa where there is religious studies going on and they killed innocent children. They should share their intelligence. Why are they doing this and bombing innocent children?”

The U.S. occupation command admitted knowing that children were in the compound but decided that it was more important to possibly kill Abu Laith Al Libi, a senior Al Qaeda commander in Afghanistan who might have been there (evidence?). He wasn’t. In other words, the seven, sleeping boys were intentionally sacrificed.

As usual, the U.S. propaganda system in the guise of a Major Chris Belcher at the Bagram base blamed the “militants” for the students’ deaths in a move to shift the blame, a claim which could not be independently verified. Where is the evidence that militants were using the madrassa while students were there?  Afghan children start going to madrassas, where they have a religious-based education, at the age of six or seven.

The U.S. occupation forces’ public relations center in Kabul then concocted an excuse for the slaughter, stating that the compound was an Al Qaeda safe house (evidence?) and that members had prevented the children from leaving the compound (evidence? To allow the U.S. to safely only kill “the bad guys”?). Only a gullible American might believe such nonsense. The U.S. strike precisely killed persons no doubt sleeping in the madrassa complex, including “at least seven children” (according to the U.S. occupation forces, a claim which could not [or course] be independently verified, yet was widely reproduced by the corporate mainstream press without qualifiers). Regrettably, no independent account from the area is available yet. 


U.S. Special Operations artillery firing HIMARS rockets