In memory of



6 members of the Daad family:

3 men

2 women

a young girl

at night on November 23, 2007


 in the village of Chenartu, Tarin Kot district of Uruzgan province. Australian Special Air Service (SAS) occupation soldiers raided a compound where allegedly Taliban leaders were meeting. Faiz Mohammed, 50, a neighbor of the Daad’s, was manhandled by the Aussies but let go. He recalled that he immediately went to his neighbor’s home, “there was blood everywhere. There were dead bodies.” The result was 6 dead members of the Daad family. The Australians later admitted their “error” and paid $1,200 to survivors of the Daad family.


Killed in a ground attack by members of the Australian SAS in the Special Operations Task Group (SOTG)