In memory of


6 male civilians:

Adadullah, son of Nawab

Mutahar, son of Nawab

Saadullah, son of Nawab

Ajab, son of Wazir Malik

Zrawar, son of Wazir Malik

Sher Afzal, son of Aslam

at 1 A.M. on July 28, 2008

in the Shabel area along the main highway in the Kunar Valley linking Ghazi Abad with the town of Asmar. A US helicopter attacked a car, killing the 6 civilians inside. The vehicle’s passengers were heading to Asmar. The district chief of Asmar, Mir Azam Gujarwal, told the independent Pajhwok Afghan News that he believed the people were poor laborers who were bringing metal to be sold in Asmar. The US propaganda center in Bagram said, as its usual first line of news management, it knew nothing about an incident in Kunar.


Killed in a midnight US helicopter attack