In memory of


6-8 civilians, possibly over 20

during the night of June 29/30, 2008 

in Lowkhi, Khash Rud district of Nimroz Province. U.S.-led troops attacked “hideouts” of the Taliban in the Khash Rud district according to the Nimroz governor. U.S. war planes also bombed the area. The result was 6-8 dead civilians and possibly far more. The local governor claimed that dozens of “Taliban” were killed whereas the Taliban spokesman, Qari Yousef Ahmadi, said the dead were all civilians who had been attending a party. The U.S. military confirmed the mission, but said nothing of civilian casualties. It said the operation was aimed at disrupting “militant activities” in Nimroz. The US Air Force said, “In Afghanistan, Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles dropped guided bomb unit-12s onto anti-Afghan forces in Lowkhi. An on-scene joint terminal attack controller declared the mission a success.” 

Killed in a night-time U.S. “precision” bombing