In memory of

5 civilians (incl. 2 children, 1 woman, 2 older men)

1 woman severely injured

in night-time bombing attack on September 4/5, 2007


in Gabaro village, Andar district, Ghazni Province. Shortly after the release of the 19 South Koreans, U.S. and their allies went on a manhunt for the Taliban negotiators. The U.S. carried out mid-night air strikes on homes in the village of Gabaro. The following day, Dr. Habibullah, head of the civil hospital in Andar, told Pajhwok News that they had received bodies of 2 children, 2 aged men, and a woman. A second woman also was admitted who remained in a coma. The corporate mainstream press deemed this news unworthy and bragged about 12- 32 “militants” being killed (no independent verification possible nor any evidence whatsoever presented).


 Mid-night air attack by U.S/NATO aircraft