In memory of and sympathy for



5-8 civilians killed

a DACCAR aid worker injured

9 other civilians injured


at 2 A.M. on August 30/31, 2004


 in the village of Weradesh, Pech Valley of Kunar Province. Taliban-Hekmatyar forces had rocketed government buildings and the U.S. base at Mano Gai (Manogi). U.S. warplanes were called-in and proceeded to bomb the area from where the rockets were allegedly launched. The hamlet of Weradesh was hit and 8 homes were destroyed by U.S. “precision” bombs. According to the Danish aid group, DACCAR, which was operating a water pipeline project in the village, some 5-8 villagers were killed; one of their Afghan staff workers was wounded as were another 9 villagers. Even the governor of Kunar Province admitted that 5 civilians had been killed – 2 men, 2 children and a woman. Gorm Pedersen, DACCAR’s director said, “our (14) people decided to take shelter. It was while they were running from the camp (in the middle of the night) that they were hit.” Much of the group’s equipment (incl. vehicles) was damaged. On Wednesday, Pedersen added, “the victims were sleeping in their beds and they were killed in the air raids.”


Killed and injured by a midnight U.S. bombing strike