In memory of


“5 Pakistani civilians”

at 12 PM on the night of May 21/22, 2005

about 1 km inside Pakistan in the remote border town of Lwara Mandi (Mandai), North Waziristan, bordering Paktika Province. The five Madakhel Wazir tribesmen died in a hail of rockets from a U.S. helicopter gunship. Two U.S. jets also dropped several bombs in trhe area (in Pakistan!). A U.S. patrol across the border in the Gayan area of Paktika had been attacked with rockets, killing at least one U.S. occupation soldier, injuring others and destroying vehicles. U.S. and “their” Afghan forces regularly conduct cross-border raids, searches and abductions in Lwara Mandi (as in May 2004).

Killed by rocket fire from an Apache AH-64 helicopter gunship