In Memory of


4-6 civilians



killed on October 11, 2001

in the Qargha neighborhood, northwest of Kabul. U.S. war planes bombed the area heavily as it housed the Taliban’s 8th Army Division and a deactivated rocket brigade (Rocket Site 8). On October 11th U.S bombs directed at a Taliban post with anti aircraft batteries on a hill fell instead upon one-storey mud brick homes in the Qargha neighborhood of Kabul. Bombs, shrapnel and explosives from an ammunition dump that was also hit, rained down[1].

"the kitchen where Ahmed Jawid Nasrullah used to cook chicken and rice has been reduced to rubble, the sink barely clinging to the wall and filled with debris. The front of Abdul Kaliq's house, the side that faced the sun and seemed so bright, has collapsed into a pile of bricks and stones………Abdul Rahman, 60, lost his home, three goats and a cow. 'How can I repair it?' he cries…'But it's not only my house. It's all over'."

The attack devastated the dirt poor neighborhood nearby killing six civilians and injuring many others[2]. Emergency Italia lists the following four injured in the Qargha attack:

1. Ahmad Khan Janay Ahmad, M, 35 anni, frattura di caviglia destra, 12 ottobre, Qargha.

2.. M. Omar Khan, M, 10 anni, lesione ai tessuti molli gamba destra, 12 ottobre, Qargha.

3. M. Azghar Ali Ahmad, M, 40 anni, trauma ginocchio destro, 12 ottobre, Qargha.

4. Wahed Abdul Jahl, M, 22 anni, lesioni alla gamba destra, 12 ottobre, Qargha[3].

Others injured included Ihsamullah, 8, son of Rahmatullah, 34

A first-hand account describes civilian fatalities during October in Qargha ranging in the upper twenties. Four persons were killed after they had gotten out of a rented pickup truck, fearing an attack by U.S. warplanes.

Killed by U.S. war planes dropping bombs and firing rockets in civilian-rich neighborhood.


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