In memory of and sympathy for


3 women

4 men

7 other injured civilians

killed and injured on Friday night, March 19, 2004


in a village in the Char Chine (Charcheno) district of Uruzgan Province, according to local government sources. The attack – likely in response to an attack the day before which had killed two U.S. occupation soldiers – involved an air strike carried out by the deadly A-10s and a B1-B bomber. The “precision” attack killed 3 women and 4 men and injured 7 civilians. The U.S. propaganda spokesman, Lt-Col. Bryan Hilferty

 said when asked about civilian casualties, “I have no knowledge of this. We dropped some bombs on Taliban positions yesterday morning not last night.” The photo shows an injured victim in a hospital in Tirin Kot.

 A U.S. “precision” air strike upon a village in the mountains