In memory for and sympathy with

at least 4 civiliansat least 4 civilians

in the early morning of November 1, 2006

in the town of Taranli, Gorbaz District about 10 kms south of Khost city. Alleging that “credible intelligence” suggested enemy fighters were hiding in a compound, U.S. and Afghan forces approached the homes at night and took fire. Tactical air support was also called-in. NATO occupation forces entered the home of Malik Nazeem (who is a member of the district council) and killed three people Two men and two women from two families were also injured. One person was abducted by occupation forces. U.S. occupation forces’ Col. Thomas Collins and Centcom at McDill AFB claimed on November 2nd that the three killed were “suspected terrorists,” in a move to grab the news headlines. The report was predictably picked up by the right-wing and mainstream presses. A couple days later, NATO admitted its wrongful killing and paid the victims’ family 50,000 Afghanis ($ 995).

Killed in a night-time NATO ground and air attack