In memory of

3 girls

3 other family members

killed on October 7, 2006

in the village of Regan, Helmand Province. Two “precision” bombs were dropped by NATO war planes. One hit a home, killing 6 family members including 3 girls. After the bombs fell, villagers saw 4 helicopters land disgorging troops who started shooting. A villager, Haji Mullah Sadeq, described, “I was carrying 2 children, on my shoulders and one in my arms, when the helicopters landed and they started shooting at me. God saved me and I escaped. Another villager pointed to the torn and bloody women’s clothing left in the ruins of the house and said, “Are these the kind of houses they have come to build – the kind where clothing is cut to pieces?” This incident is typical of what is taking place on a daily basis throughout south, central and eastern Afghanistan, but U.S/NATO news management prevents such accounts being told. This account was made possible because the independent journalist, David Loyn traveled with the Taliban in Helmand Province.

Killed by NATO attack helicopters