In Sympathy for


3 civilians abducted to a fate unknown

on October 2, 2006 

in a village of the Sarkano district, Kunar Province. Jandullah, a resident of Sarkano, told Pajhwok Afghan News that “coalition forces” had torched 8 homes. The forces were U.S. Special Forces belonging to Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) 936 based at Camp Blessing in Nangalam village, Kunar Province. The ODA occupation forces also abducted 3 villagers and shot dead 10 cows. Kunar’s Governor Dedar Shalzai confirmed the account. He said that in a meeting with US forces they told him the troops had observed through binoculars donkeys ferrying various items. The governor was seeking compensation for the victims. But, NATO spokesman, Lt. Marcelo Calero said there was no indication that “coalition forces” had torched homes in Kunar. 

Ground actions by US Special Forces of ODA 936