In memory of


3 civilians

a teenage boy

killed sometime during July-August 2002

around Asadabad, Kunar Province. A report in Agence France (dated September 8, 2002) reported that Alamzir, a worker at the Afghan Red Crescent Center in Asadabad, said at least four people had been killed by U.S. rocket attacks on suspected Al Qaeda and Taliban hide-outs. A teen age boy bringing his cow to market was killed. In early September, elders from dozens of villages that cling to Kunar’s forested mountainsides marched into Asadabad to demand that U.S. Special Forces leave. Abdul Ahmed Safi, an official in the Kunar provincial government said, “No one wants them here…They don’t talk to anyone. They drive around in maybe 6 or 7 vehicles together in a convoy stopping to search houses. Everyone is afraid of them.” 

Killed by U.S. rocket fire