In Memory of


2 children (aged 10 and 14)

a man



died in the afternoon of March 6, 2004

A U.S patrol comprised of four Humvees was passing through the remote district capital of Char Cheno (Chino), Uruzgan Province. A landmine exploded. The panicked U.S. troops began firing wildly. According to the district police chief in Char Cheno, Gulam Haider, who spoke with Agence France Presse by satellite phone, the firing killed three innocent bystanders and wounded seven others (including 3 teenagers). Two children aged 10 and 14 and a man died. The shooting took place some 500 meters from the district center of Char Cheno. In January 2004, Abdul Rahman, the district chief of Char Cheno in Uruzgan where the incident above took place and who claims to have helped bury the bodies of those killed in a U.S. raid on January 18, 2004, was more blunt. "They (the US) never consult with local people and act based on the information given to them by their own spies who know nothing but work only for money. Whatever false information they provide, the Americans then go and start bombing, he said.

Indiscriminate firing by U.S. ground forces