In memory of


2 brothers of Mutiullah

2 cousins of Mutiullah

2 other persons

on August 6, 2002 

in Shagi, 3 kms outside of the town of Asadabad, Kunar Province. U.S. Special Forces fired upon a moving vehicle, killing four close relatives of a pro-Karzai veteran HIA mujahideen commander, Mutiullah, according to the Afghan Islamic Press agency. Two other Afghans were killed in a separate incident on the prior day. The following day, August 7th, the US propaganda office’s spokesman in Bagram, Col. Roger King, announced to the assembled western press corps which dutifully transcribed his version, that U.S. Special Forces were shot at from a speeding car and returned fire, killing the 4 occupants and wounding fifth.  

Killed by U.S. Special Forces’ ground fire