In memory of


2 brothers

A teenage boy

in a pre-dawn raid on Sunday, September 28, 2008 


a compound in the Asmar district of Kunar Province. A U.S air and ground operation strike hit a compound in the Asmar area according to the provincial police chief, General Abdul Jalal, killing 3 civilians. A local police commander said 2 brothers and a teenage boy were killed as they prepared a pre-dawn meal at home during the holy month of Ramadan. The photo above taken by Agence France Presse reporter, Niami Karab, shows the two dead brothers (apparently the AFP could reach the site of the incident). A report on APTV (September 28, 2008 at 15:30) showed mattresses covered with blood, bullet shells, a sewing machine and two men’s bodies. A villager, Salim, said, “ these 2 men who were killed, one of them was working for me (he is working as a well digger). As a laborer and the other was a tailor. There is no al-Qaeda there are no bad boys here. The Americans are cruel; they came here and killed Muslims.” The police chief, Mohammad Ghaous told AFP, “the coalition forces conducted an operation on a home where they were falsely told that Taliban were hiding. Three men were killed. Unfortunately they were all civilians.” Predictably, a U.S. military propaganda spokesperson, Captain Scott Miller, initially asserted that the strike killed “two Al Qaeda militants” and (of course) no civilians. Later, they backed off promising an “investigation.”

“The Americans are cruel; they came here and killed Muslims” – Salim. 


Killed in a U.S. ground and helicopter air strike