In memory of


2-4 women

2 boys

on early March 12, 2008


killed in a home in the village of Tangrai, North Waziristan, Pakistan. U.S. occupation forces in Afghanistan fired 4-5 artillery shells into Pakistan, killing six civilians. The village of Tangrai consists of 40 homes surrounded by fields and mountains. The home lay in rubble. Only one of its four walls was still standing amid a tangle of mud bricks, bedding and cooking pots. Noor Khan, a greengrocer, owner of the home said six of his relatives – 4 women and 2 boys – had been killed in the attack. U.S. forces admitted firing, saying they were targeting “militants” in a “compound.” The U.S. attack prompted some 2,000 people to take to the street in the nearby Bajaur area according to Reuters. People chanted “Death to America” and burned (yet another) American flag.


Precisely killed by U.S. artillery shells