In memory of 


2-3 women
A teenage girl
Mariam’s father-in-law and her husband’s brother

killed about 2 A.M. Sunday morning, April 29, 2007 

in Bati Kot in the Ghanikhel district of Nangarhar Province near Jalalabad. U.S. and Afghan forces raided three homes, justifying the assault by saying that a bomb making facility existed there. In the firefight, six civilians were killed and others injured (including two children). Neighbors said five people had died, including two women with only a young girl surviving from a family. A woman named Mariam told Pajhwok Afghan News (the Associated Press and other mainstream press were apparently not interested), “at 2.00am, American soldiers knocked down the main gate of our house and lobbed a hand grenade inside before storming in and firing at us." Slapping her face, a weeping Mariam said: "The Americans gunned down my father-in-law, my husband's brother and his sister." Outraged villagers staged a mass protest the following day, chanting “death to America” and displaying the bodies alongside the highway: the bodies of women were covered with sheets while the men’s faces were revealed (see Pajhwok photo below). Hajii Lewani, a resident, identified the dead: “2 women and 2 men were from a family living here and were originally from Tagab district, and one man is from a separate family of the area.” On Monday, the powerful Shinwar tribe vowed not to allow U.S. occupation foces into their district.

Killed in a mid-night assault by U.S. soldiers