In memory of


25 un-named civilians


killed between 10 A.M – 1 P.M. on July 12, 2006

in the district town of Now Zad (Nauzad or Nawzad), some 14 kms west of Musa Qala, Helmand Province. A large group of Taliban numbering 100-200 poured into Nauzad in four-wheel drive vehicles and set up positions around a police compound near the local bazaar housing Afghan police and army soldiers as well as British occupation troops. They told shopkeepers to leave before they attacked the compound. A firefight ensued and close air support was called-in. Rockets were fired and two 500-pound bombs were dropped. Some Taliban were killed, but the indiscriminate firing upon a population-rich town area resulted in numerous civilian deaths and injured. Even the provincial police chief, Nabi Mulakhel, admitted so much (at least on July 12th though he will no doubt soon retract such statements when pressure is put upon him by the U.S. military-propaganda establishment). Residents of the area as well as Dad Mohammad Khan, member of the lower house of the Afghan Parliament from Helmand, told Pajhwok Afghan News and Xinhua News (not the Associated Press!) that 25 civilians perished in the air assault on the bazaar in Nauzad. In typical fashion, the U.S. propaganda spokespersons and their Afghan satraps reported that the “coalition” bombing had killed “19“suspected Taliban.”

Rocket fire and bombing of a market place in Nauzad by US/UK war planes