In memory of



25 - 36 civilians, including:

9 family members of Mohammad Nabi, Shafiqullah’s uncle,

Abdul Rauf’s brother


killed on night of July 5/6, 2007




in Sanger village in the Pech Valley of the Watapur district, Kunar Province, an area of intense combat over the past couple years. Two U.S. occupation soldiers had been killed late Thursday in a clash with resistance fighters. The U.S. forces later called in close air support (CAS) which then bombed, killing 11 civilians and injuring others. All members of one house except a little girl were killed. As people were burying the dead on the following morning, another air strike killed 25 more Afghan civilians. A Red Crescent employee, Shafiqullah Khatir, noted “in total of two days of bombing, 36 civilians have been killed.” Even a senior police officer admitted that over 2 dozen civilians had died in the air strikes. Not surprisingly, the U.S/NATO propaganda spokesperson, Major John Thomas, vaguely asserted that the strikes were believed (?) to have killed a “significant number” of “insurgents.” The puppet governor of Kunar admitted that 27 civilians had been killed and five wounded. Some days later, an official delegation visited Asadabad, offering compensation to civilian victims (100,000 afghanis to heirs of each dead victim, 50,000 to relatives of those injured). Many villagers who attended the meeting rejected the offer. Shafiqullah whose uncle was killed said, “we will not accept any compensation from NATO because we don’t sell our martyrs.”




Precisely killed by U.S. CAS air strikes