In memory of


25-36 civilians killed:

12 members of one family - nine women, three children (aged 6 mos – 3 yrs);

the local mullah

At 1:30 AM on Thursday night, June 20, 2007


in a village, De Adam Khan, about 14 kms north of Lashkar Gah, Gereshk district of Helmand Province. British/NATO occupation soldiers came under attack in a village and, as usual, called-in close air support (CAS). The CAS air strike hit several houses when people were sleeping (at 1:30 am), killing 25-36 innocent civilians. Predictably, NATO/US official sources said 20-30 “insurgents” had been killed (an assertion which cannot be independently verified). On the other hand, irate villagers loaded the victims’ bodies onto tractor trailers to take them to the provincial capital, Lashkar Gah, to prove they were innocent victims, but the foreign-trained police stopped them, according to Mohammad Hussein Andiwal, provincial police chief of the Gereshk district. This is a fine example of US/NATO/Karzai news management. The district police chief, the provincial police chief, Mohammed Anwar Esaqzai who represents Helmand in parliament and residents all said the same thing. The BBC’s correspondent in southern Afghanistan spoke with people in De Adam Keh, who said the heavy bombing had killed many civilians.

Some months later, a British reporter, Ben Anderson, heard about the U.S/NATO strike which had killed 27 members of one family. An elderly man who survived the midnight assault said, “Life has no meaning for me any longer. I’ve lost 27 members of my family. My house has been destroyed. Everything I’ve built for 70 years has been destroyed…You need to bring order; we don’t know how.” Anderson reported seeing another grieving man receiving cash compensation at the agreed rate of about 1,000 British pounds per relative killed. 


 Killed in a CAS night-time raid