In memory of



25 (– 100?) civilians killed

killed on Friday July 6, 2007



in the town of Shewan in the Bala Baluk (Buluk) district in the north of Farah Province, an area largely controlled by the Afghan resistance and the scene of much fighting since last year as the Taliban moved into Farah. The NATO (Spanish and Italian)/U.S. occupation forces maintain a so-called Provincial Reconstruction Team and a Fire Base comprising 1,600 soldiers. Irate villagers claimed that a U.S.-Afghan police search operation involved storming homes, which in turn elicited fierce resistance. The U.S forces then called in close air support (CAS) which proceeded to bomb and strafe the area. Reuters reported that women and children were killed and 13-20 homes were destroyed. Haji Khudairahim head of the Shewan National Solidarity Council – an Afghan government council – said the fight killed 108 villagers as well as 14 Afghan policemen. "We are asking the government to send a delegation to see for itself the civilian deaths," said Faizullah, a resident. In Farah province, Abdul Qadir Daqeq, chief of the provincial council, said elders from the Bala Baluk district delivered a letter to his office saying that 108 civilians, including women and children, were killed in air strikes Thursday and Friday. Thirty-three militants were also reported killed. Eleven police were also found beheaded on the battlefield. "The area is under the control of the enemy," Daqeq said. "No one can go to Bala Baluk to find out the exact number of casualties. I cannot go there; human rights officers can't go there, government officials can't go there."

The average Afghan family comprises 6-7 members. If at least 13 homes were destroyed, than upwards of 80 persons were endangered. Assuming a third of these died, then the death toll would be around 25.

As usual, the U/.S. propaganda office dismissed the claim of civilian casualties, noting that “coalition troops” had thwarted a Taliban ambush (see propaganda piece in pro-military website ).




Precisely killed by a U.S/NATO CAS air strikes