In memory of


200 dead sheep

in the night of December 3, 2008


near the villages of Kaga-Kamar and Shindand of the Garoch area near Mehtarlam, Laghman Province. The utter recklessness of U.S air strikes is revealed when “this time sheep are mistaken as enemy combatants.” The independent journalist, Najibullah Inqilabi of Pajhowk Afghan News reported (no mention of course by the A.P. and other western media),

The sheep belonging to Kuchi families of Ibrahimkhel were bombarded in Kaga-Kamar and Shindand villages of Garoch area of Mahtarlam. Residents of the area had put the dead animal in intersections and in front of Laghman governor house to protest the carnage of animals allegedly by US forces. Reddy Gul one of the elders among the protestors told Pajhwok Afghan News US helicopters raided the desert at midnight. Neither the local residents nor their animals were safe, he lamented the situation would force them leave the country. Mir Gul Tofan deputy director of Kuchi department affairs in the province said they had sent a delegation out the area to assess and investigate the assault. Tofan added he had witnessed bullets and arms scattered in the area as remnants of the midnight incident. Tofan who says had witnessed the dead animals in the area, said they are going to present a report to the governor office on the episode. Col Abdul Karim Omaryar police chief of the province said US forces under Nato-led International drive against terrorism attacked sheep in the province last night. He termed the attack as mistake adding US forces might have suspected sheep as militants, he added: "ISAF had been tipped off that there were around 100 anti government militants in this area."


Winning hearts and minds?


Decimated in a U.S. “precision” helicopter air strike