In memory of


19 civilians


the night of January 5/6, 2009


in two villages (Parkon and Kaferkoh) in northern Baghran district of Helmand Province. The U.S/ISAF command stated that it had carried out a “series of precision strikes” min the northern part of Helmand Province on January 6th and that they did not have any information about casualties. No further elaboration was later given. Obviously, the foreign forces hoped that the story would simply die.


On the other hand, the independent Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) news service provided rich detail of what actually transpired on the ground. A member of the Helmand Provincial council in the Baghran district, Haji Mohammad Khan Aqa told the AIP that foreign forces arriving by helicopters at night had killed 19 civilians in the Baghran district. He elaborated providing credible details. A number of foreign forces had attacked the home of a local elder, Haji Mohammad Khan, killing him, his two sons, his 4 guards, the wife of his brother, and a worker of the Ibn-e-Sina clinic near the home. The foreign attackers also wounded the brother of Haji Mohammad, Mohammad Lal, as well as three other persons. Following the initial attack, a number of elders from a nearby village, Kaferkoh, came to the Parkon area to express support and grief. But while on their way back to Kaferkoh, a foreign aircraft bombarded them, killing another 10 civilians, including the 70-yr-old Haji Mohammad Hasal Khan (father-in-law of provincial council member, Haji Mohammad Khan Aqa), his three sons – Haji Atiqollah, Haji Amanollah and Azizullah.


No information about casualties?

A combined ground and air attack by US/NATO forces – ground fire killing 9 and air strikes another 10