In memory of

17 innocent civilians sacrificed in the “war on terror” in Afghanistan: the massacre at Shiro Obay

Atta Gul

Muhammad Alam (alias Shien)

Muhammad Naseem


Muhammad Aslam

Muhammad Ayub



Jilani, brother of Jilani Khan

Haji Nida Muhammad

Muhammad Esa

Syed Sardar Muhammad from Quetta, Pakistan

Agha Jan from Quetta, Pakistan

Janan from Baluchistan, Pakistan

Maboob from Quetta, Pakistan

Muhammad Taher from Quetta, Pakistan

Ghani Khan from Quetta, Pakistan

{Khaliq Dad from Quetta, Pakistan}

[Thanks to the Afghan Islamic Press and the for the names]

executed during the night of March 21/22, 2006

in the village of Shiro Obay, 8 kms east of Spin Boldak, Kandahar Province, near the Pakistani border. The Afghan regime announced with great fanfare on Wednesday morning that its forces had killed 16-17 Taliban including a mid-level commander, Mullah Shien, seeking to enter the country from Pakistan. The “news” item was quickly picked up by MSNBC on the 22nd which headlined “Afghan troops kill 15 suspected Taliban fighters” and by Paul Garwood of the Associated Press who penned an article from Islamabad, “”Border Battles Strain Pakistan-Afghan Ties.” Soon thereafter, when the dead bodies were brought to the Pakistani town of Chaman, the official story began to unravel. Local residents recognized their kin. The dead included 6 Pakistanis and 11 persons of dual Afghan-Pakistani citizenship (common in border areas). Jilani Khan, the brother of one of the dead, said the civilian men were killed in a ‘fake encounter’ that resulted from a tribal feud. Two bodies were buried in Spin Boldak, 14 were brought to Chaman, home place to 8 of the dead, where about 5,000 mourners gathered. The other bodies were sent to their homes in Qila Abdullah and Kuchlak. Another 2,500 persons gathered in Quetta where three other bodies were buried (see Reuters photograph above – NOT the Associated Press). The 16-17 persons, members of the Noorzai tribe, had gone to Mazar-i-Sharif to celebrate the Afghan New Year (Naurouz) and were returning when forces of the Afghan Border Security commanded by General Abdul Raziq Khan, a member of the anti-Taliban Achakzai tribe, apprehended them and executed them. The Noorzai and Achakzai tribes live on both sides of the border but harbor decades old enmity. General Raziq had been the target of a suicide bomb attack in Spin Boldak in early 2006. General Raziq and the Afghans have learned their media lesson well from the Americans: immediately issue a report claiming insurgents have been killed, rely upon the mainstream corporate media (like MSNBC and the Associated Press) to uncritically amplify the initial release, and then wait hoping for no contrary evidence to surface. The initial lie becomes truth and “the coalition” reports a higher body count. The “war on terror” chalks up another success. And as with the U.S. lt. colonels, Kandahar’s governor rejected any responsibility for the deaths.

Killed by members of the Afghan Border Security Forces under the command of General Abdul Raziq Khan