In memory of and sympathy for


16 civilians killed (incl. 7 children)


on Monday, October 27, 2008

in Dandoki village, Maidan Wardak Province. U.S. occupation soldiers from the 1st Battalion of the 506th Infantry Regiment were escorting the Ghazni governor's entourage of three white sedans back from Wardak province when they were ambushed with 30 to 40 rocket-propelled grenades in a 12-mile stretch of highly contested road. A U.S. UH-60 Blackhawk attack helicopter sent in to provide fire support for the embattled troops was hit in its tail rotor with an RPG and forced to crash land – another Blackhawk down. A second convoy dispatched to the area on the heels of the attack was rocked by a car bomb. A firefight followed in which the U.s used air and ground forces.
The mainstream media obligingly reported that U.S-led forces killed over a dozen “Taliban fighters” and detained one. No mention whatsoever of the locals’ accounts of what happened. To hear that, one need turn to the independent reporting of, for example, Pahjwok Afghan News. Reporters Ibrahimi and Haidar wrote (10/28/2008),
…eyewitnesses in Saiadabad districts Haftasiab area, where the operation took place, said 16 villagers were killed in bombing by foreign troops accompanied with ground operation by Afghan forces. Muhammad Ibrahim, a resident of Dandoki village, said seven children were killed only in his village in bombing by foreign forces.  The children were in front of a mosque when foreign planes dropped bombs on them. After this, government troops took out villagers from their homes in Haftasiab area, tied their hands to their backs and shot them dead, said Ibrahim. Muhammad Tahir, another resident of the area, said he counted 16 bodies killed in the military ground and air operation by Afghan and foreign forces on Monday.

More than four months later, Pamela Constable mentioned the attack in Wardak. Mohammed Wardak, 45, a cart puller in Kabul said U.S. forces raided his native village in Wardak province…rounded up all the men and killed several, including a poor potato farmer, concluding

“We just want to feel secure and to live in peace under the flag of Islam.”

Killed in a U.S. air and ground attack