In memory of


16 civilians

during the evening and night of July 25/26, 2007



in the village of Qal’eh-ye Gaz (Yegaz) in the Musa Qala district, Helmand Province. A twelve-hour battle raged during which the occupation forces called-in close air support. Residents spoke with a Reuters reporter in the south of Afghanistan saying that 17 people, 16 of them civilians were killed in the US/NATO bombing and that most of the 30 wounded were non-combatants. Predictably, the US/NATO propaganda machinery quickly proclaimed that 50 “insurgents” were killed – in the old “grab-the-news headlines” tactic - and no civilians had died (a claim immediately broadcast by the U.S. corporate media serving as faithful stenographer for the U.S. military such as the A.P.,, USA Today, etc). Qal’ey-ye Gaz had been previously bombed March 29-31, 2006 resulting in the death of many civilians (see  ).




US/NATO close air support bombing