In memory of 


15-25 civilians: 5 women, 4 children, 6-16 undetermined


at 2 A.M. on January 19, 2009


in Anzari (Inzeri) village in the Tagab district of Kapisa Province. Village elders and local officials said a midnight raid by U.S-led occupation forces – we now know they were US Special Operations troops – killed 25 civilians (incl. 5 women). Bai Jan, a resident of Anzari said U.S-led soldiers blew up five homes. The U.S. military propaganda office proclaimed that “18 militants” including a Commander Mullah Patang were killed. A fact check from the ground reveals this be a gross lie. Later in the day, an angry village elder cried out in grief that his son and four grandchildren were killed.

Ten days later, the U.S military distributed $40,000 to relatives of 15 persons killed in the raid. The $40,000 included $2,500 each to a representative of the 15 innocent civilians killed, $500 each for 2 wounded men, and $1,500 for village repairs.  Gul Akbar, 24, who said his father died in the raid, adding “I’m just very sad someone gave the soldiers the wrong information.” Shouldn’t the soldiers have undertaken multiple checks?

Killed in a midnight raid by U.S. Special Operations forces