In memory of


12 yr-old boy’s father

His 7 yr-old brother

on a late afternoon about December 20, 2007


in a village in the Arghandab district of Kandahar. At the time, nothing was reported which is tribute to the effectiveness of US/NATO news management. A month later, however, news began appearing about the Canadian/US assault upon Arghandab and the civilians who paid the price. Canadian occupation troops’ gunfire hit civilians during a battle with resistance fighters. A 12-yr-old boy said that the soldiers shot and killed his father and 7-yr-old brother while they were working in a field. He continued, ‘I said let’s go. Let’s run.’ But my father said ‘What are you talking about? We have shovels in our hands; no one is going to shoot us.’ The Canadian convoy had been hit by two IEDs which disabled at least one vehicle. The boy, his widowed mother and three surviving younger brothers is now being taken care of by local villager. The boy’s guardian said, “Foreigners don’t have eyes. That’s my problem with the…Somebody who has a responsibility ought to have eyes. If it were an accident, then they would come with some help for the family.” The occupation forces never came by.


Killed by Canadians’ gunfire while farming in a field