In memory of and sympathy for

12 – 40 civilians

killed and injured on August 25, 2006

 in the town of Musa Qala, Helmand Province. Both an Italian nurse working for Emergency Italia in Lashkar Gah and the Afghan Islamic Press reported that U.S/NATO planes bombed a wedding celebration (again), killing twelve persons (including a mother) and injuring three children (ages 2,5 and 6). The nurse, Marina Castellano, writes: “…howling to you how monstrously unjust all this is. Three children of 2,5 and 6 years and their father arrived in the emergency room. Their bodies are devastated by splinters of bombs. Their village, Musa Qala, has been under aerial bombardment…since yesterday. Their mother died with the rest of the family – 10 people. I asked the father…if there have been many deaths. He answered that the families that live near them, around 40 people, have been completely destroyed, and he added that in all villages surrounding his the situation is the same: dead and wounded.” A report aired November 17th  by Britain’s ITV quoted villagers saying over 200 civilians had perished in the NATO bombardment of Musa Qala. But none of this gets reported in the mainstream press which cooperates with the U.S/NATO news management effort.

U.S./NATO bombing