In memory of and sympathy for


11-19 civilians killed (including one woman and children)

Many other civilians wounded 

on noon Saturday, August 9, 2008 

in the village of Jwe Bar (Joybar) just north of the district capital of the Tagab district of Kapisa Province. A French occupation force patrol of the 8th Infantry and Parachute Marine Regiment (RPIMa) came under fire when on patrol, taking casualties. Close air support (CAS) was as usual called-in. The village of Joybar was hit twice. In the second bombing, a village resident told the independent Pajhwok Afghan News that after the first air strike villagers had gathered on the spot and foreign war planes then bombed the gathering killing 15 people including a woman, children and men. A parliamentarian from Kapisa, however, said that 19 civilians had perished in the aerial bombing. The deputy provincial governor, Rahimullah Safi, said all the people killed were civilians. Safi added, “The village elders called me to say they were going to bury their dead, and ask NATO not to bomb.” Reuters mentioned a Kabul source saying that more than a dozen civilians were killed and another 18 wounded by an air strike in the Tagab area.

Predictably, one-time prominent Mojahedin commander in the Herat area and senior military commander of warlord Ismael Khan of Herat, member of the Northern Alliance and now world-class liar [as amply documented elsewhere in the Afghan Victim Memorial Project], General Mohammad Zahir Azimi, spokesman of Karzai’s Defense Ministry said all those killed were “enemy militants” = quod erat demonstrandum. Adopting its usual first line of defense, NATO said it does not believe any civilians were killed in the incident, but “will investigate” the reports. 

“Precisely” killed in NATO’s CAS bombing