In Memory of

10 civilian tribes people
a 10-year old boy

at 6:55 AM local time on January 16, 2007

in the village of Zamzola, 60 kms north of Wana, South Waziristan, Pakistan. U.S Predator drone aircraft had been surveilling the village. An air strike involving possibly the Predators and Pakistani Cobra attack helicopters struck the village in a forested area. Villagers dug through the rubble, exhuming the bodies of local tribes people, most of whom were woodcutters. Khan, 40, holding a shovel near a neighbor’s ruined house said about Pakistani and U.S. claims that Al Qaeda militants lived in the village, “this is a pack of lies…those killed or injured in this attack by America were innocent woodcutters.” Bashir Mehsud, 70, was at home preparing for morning prayers went the destruction arrived. Body parts littered the ruins of three wrecked compounds and two unexploded missiles with U.S. markings (MFP AMF York 0873) were half buried near two other homes. Anwar Ullah, who lived near Zamzola, said local tribesmen had retrieved 10 bodies and 10n wounded from the rubble. He too said the slain were Afghan laborers hired by a tribal elder to cut wood. Niaz Quereshi, a local religious leader, said of the dead men: “they were not terrorists. They were only laborers.” A day later, some 1,500 Mehsud tribesmen protested the air strike at Tank, a town in the border area of South Waziristan.

The pictures display the results of a U.S.-Pakistani “precision” air strike which killed hired day-laborers.

Killed by U.S. Predator’s Hellfire missiles and Pakistani Cobra attack helicopters