In memory of


10 civilians

killed on Saturday, November 11, 2006


in the village of Dagarmol in the Watapur district some 15 kms northeast of Asadabad in Kunar Province. The bombing attack took place near the Karmul Dag Mountain in Watapur. The U.S/NATO propaganda press announced that it had bombed an “insurgent hideout…killing ten enemies belonging to an Arab fighter named Abu Ikhlas.” Precisely the same kind of announcements was made by the U.S. in the bombings of Damadola and Bajaur, which soon were revealed to be flagrant lies. The Watapur area is where a U.S. military helicopter was downed in June 2005. The area is completely off-limits to independent reporters and hence the U.S/NATO occupation forces can manage the news. Most likely the bombing killed ten more civilians.


Killed in another U.S/NATO “precision” strike