In memory of and sympathy for


10-33 civilians killed: 9 members of Pikhawar Khan’s family (two sons, a daughter, 3 grandsons, three women);

14 wounded persons;

suicide of Pikhawar Khan, 70

late during the night of Friday, June 22/23, 2007


in the village of Mangreti in the Shawal Valley of the tribal region of North Waziristan, Pakistan. U.S. rockets other gunfire struck the village when people were sleeping, destroying the home of Pikhawar Khan, 70, and a small restaurant/hotel. Nine members of Mr. Khan’s family were slaughtered including his two sons, a daughter and 3 grandsons. 14 other residents were wounded, 7 of them seriously. Local residents and Pakistani military spokespersons confirmed the account. Locals and the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said at least 33 civilians had died and 70 were wounded. US/NATO only admitted 10 civilians had died. Pazir Khan, a neighbor of Pikhawar, explained what then happened:


"He shot himself dead in front of some 8-10 people hours after seeing the bodies of his family members," Pazir Khan, a neighbor who managed to escape the strike, said.  

Pikhawar Khan, 70, shot himself dead after nine members of his family, including his two sons, a daughter and three grandsons were killed in bombings by US invaders on Saturday, June 23.  "He was so disturbed, and kept crying and laughing...I can't explain his condition. He kept crying, and all of a sudden he started laughing loudly," Pazir recalled. "We did try to console him. Initially, his condition was not too bad, but after seeing the bodies of his grandsons, he lost his courage."  Pazir said US helicopters and aircrafts attacked their mountainous Shawal valley. "Machinegun rounds and shells were fired from planes and helicopters, which shook the entire area. "Light-emitting balls hit our houses, but mainly his, leaving a heap of debris behind," he remembered.  The neighbor said Pikhawar was not home at the time of attack and only one child of his family survived the American bombing. He added that a small restaurant was also hit by rockets, killing and injuring various people.


Violation of Pakistani airspace by US aircraft is a routine affair. The attacks stoke the fires of resistance. As is well known, Pushtuns never forget their revenge. They will retaliate even after a hundred years.

  Killed and wounded in a cross-border midnight aerial U.S. “precision” strike