In memory of


10-15 civilians (including 3-5 women and children)

Haji Mohammed’s uncle

at 4:30 AM on October 31, 2001


in the Dand township in western Kandahar city. A U.S. Navy F-18 dropped at least one 2,000-pound bomb upon the small two-storey Wazir clinic run by the Red Crescent Society. The “precision” bomb flattened the clinic, two adjoining homes, a pickup truck and two ambulances. A doctor, Syed Abbas, who was slightly injured, told Shahzada Zulfiqar of Reuters, that the majority of persons (11 patients) killed were in the building and five doctors were wounded in the dispensary. Three women in one of the homes were killed. Haji Mohammed, 32, whose uncle was shot so thoroughly that only his hand remained, said, “We are just poor people…I saw the plane flying low and very slowly and it just kept firing.” He was no doubt referring to the deadly AC-130 gunship. Mohammed Ali, a resident, standing amid the ruins of the Red Crescent clinic and a house that had once stood next to it, said “this is an American atrocity.” The Kandahar-based reporter for Al Jazeera photographed the remains of the Wazir clinic in the morning after.  

Killed in a “precision” U.S. aerial attack by a US Navy F-18 and an AC-130 gunship