The study that you participated in today is part of a larger series of studies that are trying to increase understanding of violence and other problems in the relationships of couples.  We hope that this will provide information that can help people replace use of violence by other better ways to express their feelings and resolving conflicts with their partner..


Sometimes when people reflect about their own lives and their own experiences, they also feel the need for some help.  Here are the names and telephone numbers of some nearby places you can contact to discuss concerns you or someone you know might have.   If answering this questionnaire made you realized that you have a problem.  we hope you will contact one of these places.




In the Community:


* A Safe Place (domestic violence shelter)      436-7924


* Violence and Rape (24 hr., toll free)    1-800-336-3795


* Sexual Assault Support Services   

                                (24 hr., toll free)      1-888-747-7070


* HELP-LINE (24 hr., toll free)                1-800-852-3388

* Alcoholics Anonymous

                    El Pasor                                        742-1511

                    Las Cruces                                   433-5470

                   24 hr., toll free line               1-800-593-3330



At the University of ???


* Counseling Center                   2-2090


* Alcohol/Drug Assistance:              

          8:00a.m.-4:30p.m.    2-3823   

          After 4:30p.m.          2-1530    


* Sexual Harrassment and Rape Prevention Program

            (SHARPP) 24 hrs.   2-3494