WPS welcomes foreign language interest in its works, whether for commercial or for scholarly purposes.  For immediate reference, we offer the following introduction to WPS policy on translations.


Continued and/or Commercial Use


                For continued and/or commercial use of a potential translation, WPS will negotiate with reputable, established publishers for foreign language rights to our copyrighted materials.  WPS invites interested foreign language publishers of psychological, educational and/or developmental material to send to WPS Rights & Permissions a written proposal that includes:


   A company history.


   A copy of the company’s current catalog and/or other marketing materials.


   An indication of the type(s) of market(s) served, including the estimated number of mental health professionals reached.


   A list of other U.S. publishing firms with whom the company has foreign rights or distribution agreements, including the title(s) handled for each publisher.


   A list of specific WPS proprietary materials desired for translation and publication –– broken down by product components when appropriate –– including estimated first print runs. 


Scholarly Research Use


                WPS routinely issues limited-use licenses to individuals who desire to translate and adapt WPS proprietary test materials for use in a specific scholarly study.  To apply for such a license, researchers should submit to WPS Rights & Permissions a written request that includes: 


   A brief description of the nature of the study, including an estimated period of completion.


   The name of the specific instrument desired for translation, including the estimated number of reprints of each translated test component needed to complete the study, and the method by which the test will be administered and scored.


   A statement describing how and to whom the results of the research will be distributed.


                Requests from student researchers must be accompanied by a letter from a supervising faculty member, on the institution’s letterhead, which states that s/he will supervise the student’s translation and use of the material in accord with recognized professional and ethical principles.


Proprietary Note


                For mutual protection, please note that any translation, adaptation or other reproduction of copyrighted WPS materials, without the prior written consent of WPS, violates international law and professional ethics. 


Comments or questions about WPS translation policy should be addressed to: 

Susan Dunn Weinberg, Assistant to the President, WPS Rights & Permissions