Warren Hamilton in the Colorado Rockies: On Chief Mountain, 2001 (with Sarah Hamilton at right); and hiking up 14,278' Grays Peak, 1984 (bottom). Larry Hamilton photos.


" An Alternative Earth " -- A radical new look at geodynamics past and present. Published in GSA Today, November 2003.

" Plumeless Venus has ancient impact-accretionary surface " -- A similarly radical view of Venus (a not-quite-final version of a paper to be published in mid 2005 in Geological Society of America Special Paper 388):

" Venus preserves ancient accretionary surface " -- An orphaned manuscript on Venus, wherein evidence for impact origin of features commonly attributed to "plumes" is carried by many new radar images. It was written to complement the Venus paper listed above and to reach a large audience, but its publication was blocked by peer reviewers committed to conventional interpretations. 2005. Abstract