Lawrence C. Hamilton

Professor of Sociology

Senior Fellow of the Carsey Institute

University of New Hampshire

Durham, NH 03824 USA


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Human Dimensions of the Arctic and Subarctic

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Survey Research on Climate Change and Environmental Perceptions

"Do you trust scientists about the environment? News media sources and politics affect New Hampshire resident views." L.C. Hamilton (2014). Regional Issue Brief No. 40. Durham, NH: Carsey Institute, University of New Hampshire.

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Exploring Public Views of Science and the Environment. The Zorro graph and other highlights from current survey research on what people know and believe (or who knows and believes) about science and the environment. Carsey Institute website.

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Global Warming and New England Climate Change

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Statistics and Data Analysis

Statistics with Stata, version 12, L.C. Hamilton (2013). Belmont, CA: Cengage. Example datasets.

"A low-tech guide to causal modeling," L.C. Hamilton (2008).

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Blogs and Other Writing Online

"Perception of the Arctic." Neven, Arctic Sea Ice Blog (April 15, 2013). New survey research on public knowledge and perceptions about the Arctic.

"Demographics of true and false Arctic facts." L. Hamilton (winter 2013). Witness the Arctic ARCUS newsletter.

"Political bias meets climate bias: Overcoming science denial in a politically polarized world" Interview by Minda Berbeco (2013). Reports of the National Center for Science Education, 33(2).

"Cycle plots of Arctic sea ice." L. Hamilton, Arctic Sea Ice Blog (September 7, 2012). Visualizing downward trends in sea ice area and extent for each month of the year.

"Communicating climate science: The Internet may be the key." An interview with Lawrence Hamilton, by Mauro Buonocore (March 2012). Climate Science and Policy.

"Naive predictions of 2012 sea ice." L. Hamilton, Arctic Sea Ice Blog (June 7, 2012). Gompertz curve predictions for September 2012 sea ice area, extent and volume.

"Interaction effects of partisanship, education and 'understanding' on public opinion about climate." L. Hamilton (2011). An interesting result, now well replicated, from survey research.

"September 2011 sea ice volume, looking back and ahead" L. Hamilton, Arctic Sea Ice Blog (October 4, 2011). Retrospective and predictive look at changing sea ice volume, as estimated by the PIOMAS model.

"September 2011 sea ice extent, looking back" L. Hamilton, Arctic Sea Ice Blog (October 3, 2011). Graphical analysis of changing sea ice extent for September and other months.

"September 2011 sea ice extent, looking ahead" L. Hamilton, Arctic Sea Ice Blog (October 1, 2011). Gompertz curve predictions of sea ice extent for September 2012 and beyond.

"The modern area of ice" L. Hamilton, Arctic Sea Ice Blog (August 4, 2011). By early August, Arctic sea ice area had already fallen below the minimum for any year prior to 2007.

"Trends in Arctic sea ice volume" L. Hamilton, Arctic Sea Ice Blog (April 10, 2011). Gompertz curve predictions of trend in PIOMAS sea ice volume.

"Trends in Arctic sea ice extent" L. Hamilton, Arctic Sea Ice Blog (April 6, 2011). Gompertz curve predictions of trends in Arctic sea ice extent.

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