Credits and Related Links

    World War One related sites

  1. Trenches on the Web A very good reference area for information about W.W.I.
  2. Beatty's Official Report on the Battle of Jutland Here is the blow by blow account from the admiral in charge of the Battlecruisers during the battle.

    Naval Related Sites

  1. Nihon Kaigun or the Imperial Japanese Navy Page. Almost everything you'd ever want to know about the Japanese Navy in World War II.

    Other Sites of Interest or Merit or Neither

  1. Polish Air Force Home Page. Those pilots were not as bad as you might think.


I mainly used three reference books for my historical information.
  1. The Price of Admiralty, John Keegan, New York, 1988. Good, but its not the Face of Battle.
  2. Dreadnought, Robert K. Massie, New York, 1991. Excellant study of the causes of the First World War.
  3. Wolrd War One, David Shermer, Secaucus, 1973. A picture history book of the First World War.
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